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Things to Know When Considering Relocation to Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is an amazing place to live so if you’ve decided to live there then congratulations. However, that doesn’t make the moving process any easier. Here then are some tips to help make your relocation to Colorado Springs a lot smoother and the transition process faster.

Use the Internet

The internet is an amazing tool that you can use to make your life a lot simpler. You can conduct searches online whether you plan on renting or purchasing a home. There are a lot of real estate websites where you can do MLS searches. You can even do virtual tours to really get the idea of where you’ll be moving to. No longer are the days when you would have to drive around in search of the ideal place to live as you can do a complete search online or at least narrow down the search.


Colorado Springs has an altitude of 6035 feet. Sure the air is purer but for some it’s hard to breathe. For this reason, I would suggest hiring a moving company to help you unpack. Altitude sickness is a problem for some people who aren’t used to this kind of altitude. Add to that the stress of moving and you may end up gasping for air. Drink lots of water and take it easy and you should be fine. In addition, keep an eye on your pets as this change in altitude could affect them as well. Altitude even has an affect on the cooking process. So, you will have to make water boil longer and keep things in the oven longer too.


Moving is not only stressful on you but your pets too. They may get discombobulated for a couple of days as they are in a new environment. It is your responsibility to watch them carefully and make sure they are kept inside or find a way to keep them from running away. They are most likely to do this as they are getting used to the new situation. Not to mention that the wild life in Colorado Springs such as foxes, mountain lions, large birds and bears would love to spot your pet alone. On the lighter side of things, Colorado Springs is not only a top rated place to live for humans but for pets as well. It was rated the number 1 Pet Friendly City in the country. You’ll find there are many parks and trails for your pet’s exercise needs and lots of vets as well for their health needs.

There Are Others Like You

A lot of people living in Colorado Springs are “newbies”. Whether it’s because they moved there because of the positive ratings or they are expatriates working for some of the large companies situated there or because they have been assigned at one of the military posts there, a lot of them aren’t natives. This is a great way to meet people and acquire friends. And yes, relocation to Colorado Springs is full of “friendlies”.

Putting Confidence Back in Colorado Springs Homes

Many Colorado Springs house hunters have lost confidence in the housing market due to some news released in the media. Here are some of the misconceptions out there which after this, hopefully will be dismissed.

Misconception number 1: Home loans are impossible to get right now

Traditional loans are available from as low as 5% and less. Another option is an FHA loan and they only require a 3.5% deposit. If you have not owned a home for 3 years, you even qualify for a first time home buyer loan. El Paso County has a 14 million dollar bond for you that you can get with a 3.9% fixed rate and down payment aid that you won’t have to repay. Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHAFA) also has funds that carry a small interest rate and down payment. There are other ways to receive assistance to purchase a house both on the local and national level.

The misunderstanding comes from the fact that the way in which persons qualify for loans has changed. For example, currently, you have to be able to prove appropriate income and a good credit score to get a mortgage loan. All that means is that the days with little or no documentation for loan approval are over. This is a good thing as this is one factor that led to the amount of foreclosures now being experienced. In addition, if you have a real estate broker that’s a good negotiator, you may be able to include your closing costs in the final agreement further reducing your home-buying expenses.

Misconception number 2: Rates aren’t increasing now so there’s no rush

Let’s look at an example. The typical 30 year fixed mortgage rate for the year 2003-2007 was 5.75%. Therefore, if you had a $200,000 mortgage, the monthly payments would work out to $1,167. Today, the same 30 year mortgage is between 4% to 4.25%. That same $200,000 mortgage at 4.25% would work out to $983. Imagine if you sold the $222,000 house and purchased a $300,000 house. The payments would move from the 5.75% rate to the recent 4.25% rate so that equates to a difference of $144 per month in payments for $80,000 more of house.

Misconception number 3: You’re better off waiting until there’s an improvement in the market

History always repeats itself. It’s not the first time that prices have fell. Markets are cyclical and knowing this we know that once again, prices will go up. If you do not currently own a Colorado Springs house, or are considering an upgrade to what you currently have, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to buy. If you are even only thinking about investing, it makes sense to buy when prices are low as well as interest rates and there is a lot of inventory.

Prices are beginning to stabilize and the economy is in the process of improvement. As a result, prices may increase soon in order to keep inflation steady so it is the best time to buy. Not to mention that banks want to get rid of their foreclosures and are reducing prices.

Where to Find the Perfect House for Sale in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the perfect destination to live, especially if you have a family or are looking for affordable and beautiful homes in areas that are rich with history and have scenic surroundings. Colorado Springs houses is also the ideal place to live if you love the outdoors and are an active person wanting a lot of variety as it relates to recreation. Colorado Springs boasts about 300 sun shinning days per year! Not only are the homes affordable, but their values have stabilized and in some neighborhoods, they are beginning to increase.

Colorado Springs has the perfect neighborhood for you no matter your age, lifestyle or income. Whether you prefer to live in the suburbs or you want the excitement of the city, or something in between, there is a lot to choose from. Black Forrest, Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City are just a few places where you could settle down.

Manitou Springs is situated west of the downtown area. It’s the right combination of city chic and historical Victorian. Tourists usually pass through on the way to the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad. However, if they decide to truly experience Manitou Springs, they’d be awed by the spectacle of the Miramont Castle and the Cave of the Winds. Couples considering purchasing a home here will be drawn by the turn of the century charm and quality construction. Houses in this area sell at an average price of $320,000. South of Manitou Springs is the community of Crystal Park which is nestled among the pine trees in the mountains. If you’re looking for a romantic retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, then the breathtaking appeal of Crystal Park will have you signing on the dotted line.

Another great area is Old Colorado City. It’s full of history as it is the oldest neighborhood in Colorado Springs. Don’t be fooled by the name however, as, if you are seeking modern amenities, then this is the place to look. It’s a great area for apartment or condo hunting. It also has town houses and single family homes. However, most of the homes near the city center have small lot sizes. The average home here goes for $190,000.

Briargate, located to the northeast of Colorado Springs, has an average selling price of $198,000. It’s a neighborhood that has experienced a lot of growth over the years. It also has some of the best schools in Colorado Springs. A neighborhood, just southeast at the corner of Woodmen Road and Academy Boulevard, called Brookwood, gives the impression of being hidden away from the busy city. It’s central to Briargate and lot sizes range from ¼ acre to a little over and acre. It’s tranquil and secluded with large, mature trees enhancing the feeling of being far away.

Located in Northern El Paso County is Black Forrest. It has a combination of newer and older Colorado Springs houses so it has something for everybody. If you want big lots, then you will be impressed by the 5 acres that some of these homes sit on. Ranch style homes as well as 2 story homes dominate this area. While some are custom built, others have a more “country” feel.

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Renting Homes in Colorado Springs – Advice for Renters

Colorado Springs is one of the best places to live in the country for a variety of reasons. So, it’s no wonder you have decided to be one of the many people who move there each year. If you have decided against purchasing one of the beautiful Colorado Springs homes for fear of the real estate market then you are not alone. Even though Colorado Springs has done much better than some other areas of the country, it still leaves a lot to be worried about. Especially if you may not end up living there long enough to reap the rewards of future appreciation in home values. In that case, renting is an option that offers the freedom of not being tied down to a mortgage.

Colorado Springs has homes to suit a range of tastes. There are apartments, single family homes, condominiums, town houses and even farms. In any case, you should know what to expect from a legal stand point when going through a rental agreement.

A Colorado home rental agreement is pretty much standard. However, as the tenant, you have to ensure that there are particular areas adequately covered in the rental agreement. Issues such as term of lease, rental amount as well as the mode and schedule of payment, responsibilities as it relates to the payments of utility, repair responsibilities and maintenance costs, pets, contractual responsibilities of tenant and landlord and the subtenant policy.

Keen attention should be made to the section of the agreement detailing the security deposit. Colorado state law does not specify a lower or upper limit so keep this in mind in order not to get scammed. Additionally, the deposit can be used by the landlord specifically for cleaning and repairs resulting from damages made by the inhabitants, separate and apart from regular wear and tear. The law stipulates that the landlord has to return a portion or the whole deposit within a thirty day period following the end of the lease agreement. If you have any questions relating to any areas of the contract, do not hesitate to seek advice from a local real estate lawyer.

One area of the Colorado rental law that is very specific is the matter regarding peaceful property enjoyment. It states that the landlord is prohibited from entering the property without given permission from the tenant while the lease is still in effect. The two exceptions are if the landlord has emergency repairs to be made or if the landlord is put in the position where he/she has to demand rent.

Another key area to note is the eviction law. Eviction is only possible for three reasons including termination of the lease agreement, nonpayment of rent and breach of contract on the part of the tenant. The landlord is obligated to get a court order for eviction without which, he is not able to coerce the tenant to leave. The landlord is also legally required to give the tenant written notice advising them about the filing of the eviction case. The notice enables both parties the opportunity to resolve any issues or for the tenant to make preparations for leaving.

Understanding Colorado Springs homes rental law is crucial if you want to avoid scams and make the most out of your tenancy. It’s in your best interest to do some research before and after signing a lease.